Portrait of a Violinist

The violin is an instrument that is as beautiful looking as the sounds it makes in the hands of a talented musician.  The range of instrument can go from festive to mournful and everything in between.  It can achieve dramatic volume in a powerful symphony delivers the wild storms of Wagner. In the hands of a soloist, the sounds can be like a suspension of one’s breath. Other times, it brings us to something contemplative and soothing like a pastoral painting.  These are the ideas and feelings that are hopefully captured when painting a portrait of a violinist.

The connection made between the performer and the instrument can at times be transcendent, thus the common understanding that the violin is considered a very emotional instrument. Hopefully, the emotion can be conveyed in the visual expression.

Oil painting and fine art print of a woman playing a violin on a dark background.
Portrait of a Violinist, 2017 by Curtis Green

This painting was at first a quick oil sketch done from life, while working with the actress and film maker, Aycil Yeltan.  The pose was something we both liked. At one point we set up a tripod for her hand to rest on. A drawing was done quickly with oil paint. A few lines drawn in to set up where the image would be on the canvas.

Next, an amber tone was laid over the whole canvas and the features of the face were blocked in. After that the violin was painted solidly. The entire process was done quickly, perhaps two hours. After the model left, the painting was finished later from memory and imagination.

The painting belongs to a private collection.

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