A Peaceful Contemplation at Abalone Cove

Blue Water, Misty Morning - Curtis Green
Blue Water, Misty Morning, 2012 by Curtis Green

A Peaceful Contemplation at Abalone Cove is contained in this painting. On a misty morning, the sun was veiled behind some light fog along the coast. The moist, cool mist could be felt on ones face as it blew in over the cliff from the great ocean.  My shoes were wet from the walk, I noticed, while standing and listening.  This morning was so quiet; it was the kind of silence that is filled with distant sounds.  

Note: This painting recently became part of a private collection.

2 Replies to “A Peaceful Contemplation at Abalone Cove”

  1. I was particularly drawn to your Blue Water, Misty Morning. I found it to quite peaceful and soothing.
    As always, I love your work.
    Take care Cuz.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I hope you enjoy the work and the newsletter. Take care.

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