Some Finer Points on the Art of Reckless Abandon

Aycil Smoosh - Curtis Green
Aycil Smoosh, 2018 by Curtis Green

I was having a conversation with a friend about Rock n’ Roll music. During interviews, some of the most admired writers and musicians of the genre have said they don’t think much of themselves as musicians.  Some have said they believe they sound terrible. Some believe they do not play their instruments very well.  Others who are loved for their vocal stylings say they can’t stand the sound of their voice!   Why then, we may ask, are they successful and appreciated?   We seemed to be discussing some finer points on the art of reckless abandon!

Just Making it Work

According to our conversation, what these people supposedly lack in technical proficiency, they make up for with their conviction, energy and vision.  These musicians are somehow compelled to make what ever it is they need to make, in the manner that it is necessary. The primary framework may be understood, but their limitations become challenges. They start to invent ways to arrive at where they want to be. That idea itself could be a definition for creativity.

“It’s analog, it’s the mistakes that we love, it’s what makes us appreciate that we are human.” my friend said.   

Beautifully Ridiculous

In painting, the same can be true at times.  Pushing paint feverishly into the weave of the canvas is like sending a power chord through a stack of Marshall amplifiers.   The “craft” is far from being considered. The energy and intention is being blurted out without any care for perfection.  In this sense, the act of making art, within any genre, is as abstract and absurd as it is beautifully ridiculous.

Model: Aycil Yeltan

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