Taking the Time to Know Nothing

Of course, during storms and natural disasters, nature can be very humbling.  However, it can be just as humbling by venturing into a place of tranquility. A sensation of solemnity takes hold of you, quiets you and produces within, a desire to tread only lightly.  Sometimes the peace is pleasantly overwhelming, it may be like taking the time to know nothing. Take time to do this and nature will be glad to demonstrate her quiet beauty. 

Getting Familiar

At this Creekside, where I was, there is beauty among the poison oak. There is oozing muck at the waters edge and at times, wild animals.  There are rays of sunlight and shelters of cool shade.  An isolated sound of a single bird, the background of a constant gurgle of water, the smell of damp leaves, the feel of a mild breeze.  When sitting long enough to observe a place or moment such as this, personal importance disappears. 

A Sketch by the Creek at Lazy W, 2018 by Curtis Green
A Sketch by the Creek at Lazy W, 2018 by Curtis Green

I like to take in the space I am in before starting to paint. A little meditation helps me to arrive in place. Especially after dragging my stuff from the car. A moment to listen, see, and smell the surroundings informs my sense of what to look for as a painting. I forget what I know and and I start to notice little things that has character or rhythmic line. At some point, I see it.

Slowly, I raise the easel and extend its wooden legs. A fresh canvas placed upon it.  I place colors on the palette, one by one.  A brush is selected and is ready in my hand. 

I ask, “Where now, nature, shall you have me begin?  What shall you have me see? 

“I Discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.”
– 1 Corinthians 9:27  NKJV

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