A Wild Whisper

A Wild Whisper in Summer - Curtis Green
A Wild Whisper in Summer, 2017 by Curtis Green

Summer seems to be a time of heightened awareness.  Nature is out in vibrant display.  The light is brighter and  seems to glisten and burst forward. As if a giant volume knob has cranked up the volume on the light meter.

I was painting at the wild edge of the Cleveland National Forest just above San Juan Capistrano, CA. The intensity of the brilliant midday sun washed out color in a wash of summer’s mid-day light. If the light could be loud, then it was in contrast to an equal amount of silence and tranquility of my surroundings. The sunlight was warm, steady and bodacious. The heat was mingling in the leaves and rising from the dry grass. The warm air shared the space with the cool and quiet shade under the branches.

It occurred to me, that this place is as it was before I arrived. Likely, it will remain this way, as it is for some time, regardless of anyone to witness it.  The center of the scene seems to draw my curiosity deeper into the vegetation. It also suggested that I had ventured far enough.  To advance further felt like a possible intrusion into a place that is not my home.  I came away with the thought that the experience of this place was like a wild whisper.

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