The Noon Hour

The Noon Hour, - Evariste Carpentier
The Noon Hour, – Evariste Carpentier (Belgian, 1845-1922)

Here is a fairly obscure painting called “The Noon Hour” by Evariste  Caprentier.  Looking at the painting, one can see the superb treatment of light.  Other things to see here is the compositional division of the canvas. 

Notice how the background is quietly composed into thirds.  This is a seemingly natural and pleasant set up for the primary subject of the shepherdess lying in the green grass.  The darker trees contrast her lighter skin while she is in the shade.  The green grass occupies the major “third” and the blueish background finishes the composition nicely as the sheep feed.  The red hem of her dress sits near the center of canvas.

Again, the mechanics of composition and the deft work in painting coupled with this pleasing pastoral setting makes for our own pause as we perhaps imagine ourselves within the space.  It seems as if the shepherdess is fine with having our company.

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