Pull Up a Chair

Early Evening at Lazy W, Father Son - Curtis Green
Early Evening at Lazy W, Father and Son

In painting there are sketches, studies, and full paintings.  This one would is definitely classified as a sketch.  This unplanned painting was done within a half an hour to forty minutes in the early evening at a Summer retreat camp called Lazy W.   There are several cabins, creeks and trails among the camp grounds.

I went to do a fast sketch at one of the creeks, but while walking towards my intended location, I spotted two fellow campers, a father and son enjoying a little lingering sunlight in their outdoor chairs.  Immediately struck by the scene, the thought occurred to me, “Your real subject is right there with the father and son”.  My plan for the creek was abandoned.

I didn’t want to intrude or bother anyone, so I kept walking past and quietly began setting up to paint.  The casualness of them seated there was a primary nuance I wanted to capture.  I also liked the structure of the main subjects weighted to the left side, which is why I switched the canvas from vertical to horizontal at the last moment before I started painting.  I knew I only had a few minutes and therefore quickness was important.  Sure enough, after about ten minutes, the two got up to get ready for dinner!  The son bought the painting, and family will be able to enjoy this painting, hopefully, for years to come.





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