Summer Poppies Pop

Plein air oil painting and fine art print of California Poppies at the Theodore Payne Center in Sun City, CA impressionist style
Summer Poppies – Curtis Green

Sometimes, the surprise of color shows up out of nowhere.   It may catch you off guard, looking for one thing and then finding something other than what was being searched for.  This occurred while visiting a site nested in the hillside north of Burbank, California.   The day was very hot, but the place was on the visit list for some time.   While exploring up a small trail, from behind branches of small oak trees, this explosion of color presented itself as a glorious surprise among the otherwise dry grasses surrounding it.

Fortunately, some shade was available from a nearby tree and I got to work very quickly as the inspiration had set itself up as excitement from this happen chance!

I believe most of this painting was done with applications from the palette knife.  I may have used a brush here and there.  That was another surprise, since I don’t often use the palette knife throughout the entire process of working.   The deliberateness of this process was enjoyable.  It caused me to lay out the facts of what I saw as it also invited an expressive interpretation as well.  This painting was done in June, so it was really amazing to still see a whole hillside of poppies still in bloom.


2 Replies to “Summer Poppies Pop”

  1. This is lovely, my friend! Living up here near the Poppy Reserve, I have a special place in my heart for the California Poppies.

    And THANK YOU for the beautiful print! I’ve got to get a frame for it, but I’m thinking I’ll hang it in my office … for those moments when I need a moment of magical escape from the madness of working!

    Love & Blessings,

    1. Absolutely, Michael! Sometimes a good old off the shelf photo frame works okay. I had mine in a solid black, but whatever works, I hope you enjoy it for a long time.

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