Impressionable Women

Berthe Morisot, The Sisters (1869). National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, gift of Mrs. Charles S. Carstairs, 1952

9 Trailblazing Female Painters of the 19th Century You Really Should Know About

This weeks addition is in the form of a link to an article by ArtNet  senior writer Sarah Cascone.

The article features some fascinating work and stories about the women, some famous and some unsung, during the height of the impressionist movement.  Most of these women were contemporaries of Monet, Renoir, Manet etc.  However, only a few are known.   Please visit the link above which will take you directly to the article on  ArtNet website.



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  1. This painting has lots of detail. Cant imagine the time it took to paint the sofa and the dresses and the painting on the wall. Havent seen this one before. thank you

    1. Yes, Berthe was one of the most famous women impressionists of the time. Mary Cassatt is the other one most widely known. This article helps bring more of these painters to the forefront.

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