A Friendly Invasion of Space

Painting in the straight up overhead sun is arguably one of the most difficult times to paint outdoors.  Sometimes, even a friendly invasion of space makes painting a little difficult. I went to the gardens and I was intending to go for a shady spot under a tree to get this view of the trellis there. A family, walking next to me had their eyes on the same spot. We both “claimed” it at the same time, I could hear the mumbling from them wondering whether they should pick a different spot and how I must have unsettled their idea of a picnic under the tree. 

We somehow co-existed and in the end, it was the child who broke the ice. The little boy curiously stared at me. I always like to set an encouraging example to the young ones and showed him my palette. The parents, after a quick assessment, joined in and encouraged their boy to name the colors etc. Next thing you know, we were swapping stories and getting to know each others names.  Our invasion of space turned friendly. Their father and mother were visiting from Ireland .. she is a painter too … I mean, we really hit it off.

They were such nice people. When we returned to what we were doing, it was like a movie scene had developed.  A family at their garden picnic.  An artist painting nearby.  From that point on, we were augmenting each others space instead of invading it.  It was so great.

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