Resources to be Artfully Engaged During Covid-19

As the pandemic continues, many of us find ourselves mapping out and navigating ourselves into a new way forward.  We hear from medical and mental professionals about the mix of emotions and their effects this historic disruption has had on what we all knew as our stable way of doing things. Here are some resources to be artfully engaged during Covid-19. This is just a list of some available resources found and compiled here. Decide for yourself if they would helpful for you.


The good news is that we can certainly all understand how we all could possibly feel, which may be a little topsy-turvy.  Still, one thing I have noticed are a couple things.  One is our resiliency overall.  We tend to go through several processes individually yet in the end we create slogans like “rise up” or “stand strong”.   See links below for museums that have opened up online resources to view their collections.


I like to believe that means we all truly support each other and want the best for each other and ourselves in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.  I hope you are being well and know that we are all finding our way out of uncertainty by creating new things and inventing new ideas about work and life. The National Endowment for the Arts, (NEA) has an extensive list that might be useful for artists.


Another aspect is our tendency to open-up and share.  Here are a few art related ways I found recently to stay in touch and stay involved.

  • The Getty Museum has opened their collection to online access. 

Tour some of the world’s treasures at their online art, books and video collection.

  • The Guggenheim has opened access to their collection, library and bookstore!

Visit the museum from home!

  • Watch Shows and Documentaries about Art and Architecture on PBS SoCal.

166 Shows to watch for free!  No Membership required.  See PBS SoCal site.

  • Support art and artists economically hit by the effect of the pandemic.

Artists typically want to add beauty to the world.  As supporters and collectors of art, that means you share in that, big time!

For Artists and Organizations the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has a huge list resource links

Also Berklee School has a list of support with webinars, articles and financial resources :

  • Shop for Art, Gifts, Decorative Items, and now Facemasks!

If you need a “little something” for yourself or a loved one, my online art store has a lot to offer also, including facemasks that feature details of some of my paintings!  Visit

Stay Creative

Staying creatively inspired makes us healthier and more innovative in nearly all areas of our lives, including self-care, work, and our relationships to each other. 

Stay connected to art, stay connected to each other.

Take Care,


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