One for the Books

Summer is now one for the books. The snap of fall weather always gets me going. I love the crisp air mixed with warm sun. Somehow, the fall season gets us to shift gears from the light days of summer and into cozier clothes and heavier foods. Favorite smells and spices fill the air around town and in our kitchens. The idea of warmth comes around as the we all start to settle in for a season of gratitude and reflection.

These days during the pandemic, our holiday time is going to be a little different. Maybe that’s okay. Holidays are often hectic. This year, perhaps it needn’t be so. As I continue to be vigilant for my own health and for the sake of others, I have limited my physical interaction with others. Instead, I have an opportunity to think about how my holiday time may be personally meaningful.

There have been times when I have needed a vacation after my vacation, if you know what I mean. The duties surrounding the management of a well planned vacation can be, in itself, exhausting. Many occasions I have wondered what would happen if I were to just “do nothing” and simply rest a restore myself? Perhaps, then I would be doing the very thing the holiday was intended for. Rest, reflection, restoration.

A Row of Art Books
Some of my Art Books

A Rich Read

Many people like like to take the longer nights to dig into a good book. I typically talk about visual art here on my blog. However, reading about art is just as satisfying. Reading a good book about art is often just as enjoyable and edifying as reading a classic novel. Especially older texts on the general subject of art. The character of the language in these older art books demonstrate a rich vocabulary. The descriptions are beyond biographical and tap into cerebral emotions that cause even the heart to think and the mind to feel. The object of these books is to invite the reader in and lead him or her on a course of insight. We come away with having been given a tour of ideas, considerations and examinations that leave us fulfilled and able to see the world around us in similar and broader ways.

Check out your local library, new or used book store or online and see what books they have on art. Here is a list of some books from my own personal library. Once Read Books is one of my favorite places to find used books.

Leonardo DaVinci by Walter Isaacson is a recent book that can be easily found.

Modern Painting by Willard Huntington Wright is another excellent read.

The Story of Modern Art by Norbert Lynton is a personal favorite.

Comment back here or on my Facebook page and let me know of some of your favorite art reading. Or if you have any questions about art, feel free to ask.

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